3D4E - 3D Printing Workshop

Friday March 6th . 6-8 PM . GFS 207

To prepare for Hack Iot, attend our first workshop of the semester! 3D4E will be hosting a 3D printing workshop this Friday from 6-8 PM to show the basics of modeling.

CCI - Communication Technology for IoT Applications Workshop

Thursday March 12th . 6-8 PM . EEB 248

Hands-on session on LoRaWAN Technology, which is one of the communication technologies for the Internet of Things. The CCI IoT testbed will also be covered.

Nvidia - Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision Workshop

Thursday March 26th . 6-10 PM . VKC 155

This workshop teaches deep learning techniques for a range of computer vision tasks. After an introduction to deep learning, you’ll advance to building and deploying deep learning applications for image classification and object detection, modifying your neural networks to improve their accuracy and performance, and implementing the techniques you’ve learned on a final project.