Hack IoT Guide

Here's everything you should know about Hack IoT.



& Prizes













Code of 


Project Submission and Prizes


1st Place:    Powerbeats3 Wireless Headphones
2nd Place:    Echo Dot 3rd Gen
3rd Place:    Smart Notebook
People's choice:    Amazon Gift Card


Mini-games:    Amazon Gift Card

Judging Criteria (40 points total)

Technical Difficulty                    (0 -15)

Creativity                                      (0 -10)

Usability                               (0 -10)

Business Potential                      (0 - 5)


Check out this hardware list and start brainstorming ideas!

Note: You will need a Government-issued ID to check out hardwares!


Hardware Supply

Live Schedule

All location is at USC King Hall unless specified.



Event Address:

Michelson Hall

1002 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089

If you are lost during the event day, please contact us at .

Main Event (Michelson Hall)
Parking ($24):
Uber/Lyft Entrance:

Hack Packs

Hi Hackers! We have a lot of great resources here to get you started.

Hack IoT is never about completing a coding assignment.

Adding on to your skills, it is in fact more about team work and problem-centric thinking.

Therefore, with these things in mind, click the below links to see a list of sample projects and our suggested schedule for developing your great idea. We will also post workshop resources in our slack channel afterwards. Remember, we are always here to help!


Good luck! :)


Packing List

Hack IoT is a long event! So to get you more prepared, here's our suggested packing list before you go:

  • REQUIRED: ID (Government-issued IDs are required to check out hardwares)

  • REQUIRED: Computer (with necessary softwares)

  • Other hardwares and prototyping tools of your own

  • Warm and comfortable clothing

  • Earphones

  • Water bottles

  • Sleeping bag/pillow if you are staying overnight at our event venue

  • Any medication/allergy medication/special food requirements


Slack will be our primary form of communication during Hack IoT. You'll be able to view live announcements, and it will also be the quickest way to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We also highly recommend you to create a private Slack channel for your own team to be more efficient.

Besides Slack, you can also look for our organizers by identifying RED SHIRTS at the event.




Code of Conduct

On a more serious note, we aim at providing a safe and equal space for everyone, and do not tolerate any kinds of cheating or harassment.

This means:

  1. No hardware building and coding for the project before the start of the event.

  2. No exact code copying from existing project available.

  3. No harassment of any kind. Please refer to this code of conduct as we follow the same standard.

We retain the right to disqualify anyone from participation or prizes if the code of conduct is not followed.

Let us know immediately if you think there are participants disobey the rules!